About Us

Melancthon.net Internet Services was founded in 2012 with the goal of providing a web presence to small businesses and individuals at an affordable price.  One of our key tenets is to make the online leap as simple and easy as possible for the client while being able to maintain flexibility for whatever the future of their business may be.  Creating an online presence, whether a single page, “just” e-mail, or a full-fledged content management system and/or e-commerce platform, shouldn’t be a stumbling block for a beginning or established business in today’s technological world.  We hope to be the company that helps bridge the gap between a company’s past and their future on the Internet.

Based in LaGrange, Kentucky, Melancthon.net Internet Services is the result of years of tinkering and experimenting by the owner, Steve Martell, with open source technology.  A strong proponent of the open source model, Steve believes that it is the future of computing and has achieved a following large enough to be just as reliable and supported as other proprietary software.

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